Saturday, January 29, 2011

E-Books VS. Physical Books

My mom and step-dad just bought me a Nook Color (it's on back-order and won't arrive for two weeks) for my birthday, so I thought it would be a good idea to compare the Pro's and Con's of reading E-books compared to reading the physical copies of  books.

Physical Books

  • You can actually hold the book (smell it, flip the pages)
  • You can put them on a book shelf
  • You can swap them with anyone (not just someone with the same E-Reader as you)
  • It's fun to shop in the bookstore for them
  • Can read in direct sunlight
  • They take up a lot of space
  • Hard to travel with a lot of them (heavy, and take up room)
  • Can't read in the dark unless with light

  • Don't take up room
  • Can get more free and discounted books
  • NetGalley sends you ARCs of E-books
  • You can buy them instantly
  • You can "share" and "borrow" books from other people with the same E-Reader as you
  • Virtually unlimited storage
  • Save paper, ink, and are more eco-friendly
  • Can read when it's dark thanks to back-lit screen
  • The E-Reader is light and easy to carry around/take everywhere with you
  • You can't hold the book, smell it, or flip through the pages
  • You can only swap books with people that have the same E-Reader
  • Don't always have the covers to the books
  • Relying on battery-life
  • More difficult to read in direct sunlight
Though I am getting an E-Reader, I will definitely always prefer physical copies of the books.

I think an E-Reader will definitely come in handy when traveling to my dad's for the weekend (I won't have to take multiple books) and also I love the fact that you can get books INSTANTLY.

What are your thoughts on E-Books? Which do you prefer? Tell me in the comments below! :)

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  1. Found your blog through the hop. I bought my Kindle late last year, after a long time of vehemently resisting buying an e-reader. I love having physical books and I don't want them to disappear. But even though I now have a Kindle, I haven't stopped buying them. And I love my Kindle as much as any physical book I also own.
    The two main complaints with an e-reader is when I buy a book that has a cover I especially like. I hate that. I also hate that so few books are actually lend-able. On the other hand, I read a fair amount of romance and I don't miss the way the Kindle hides those covers.


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