Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In My Mailbox (1)

So this is the first official In My Mailbox on my channel! In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. I was going to do it in video form, but I've been looking like a complete bum lately and I was too lazy to make myself even the slightest bit presentable to record a video.

I'm coming to you a little late, because I want to do these every Tuesday, but I didn't have time yesterday.

Books Bought:
(My grandpa is good at a lot of things, but he's especially good at funding my books.)

 I've actually read this entire series (I love Margaret Peterson Haddix!) a couple of years ago, and I own every book except for this one. I wanted to have the complete collection, so I got this book for a couple of dollars off of Amazon. I can't wait to re-enter the world of the Shadow Children!

I've already read this book, too, and it's sequel, Glass. Since Fallout just came out, I wanted to re-read the series, but I didn't want to rent it from the library. Now I have my own copy! Yay!

 I've been hearing a lot of great things about The Immortals series, and I've seen the books around a lot, so I decided to pick up the first book.

This book seems really interesting! I haven't really heard anything about it, but I'm definitely excited to read it. 

I'm not sure if this is a YA novel (I'm pretty sure it's not) but it still looks really good!

This book has been recommended to me more than once, and I finally picked it up! I know it's about pixies, but that's all I know about it! Haha.

A couple of months ago, I bought the second book in the Private series, even though I didn't have the first book, because it was only a couple of bucks. Now I have the first book, and I can start in on the series!

I read this a little while ago, when it first came out, and I absolutely loved it. I had gotten it from the library. But now that the third book is on its way out, I wanted to re-read the series, and I loved the book so much I wanted my own!

I usually don't like Historical Fiction, but this book actually seemed good. Not to mention the cover is gorgeous!

Books Given To Me:

 I live in the same town as Zoe from Zoe's Book Reviews, and we used to go to the same school. She had a lot of doubles of books, and needed to clear up some space on her shelves, so she graciously gave me some of her books! Thanks, Zoe. :D

 I have no clue what this is about, but it seems like it will be interesting. It's a pretty big book, so I think I will be saving to read this for 2011, and use it for the 350-Page books challenge.

This is another one of those books that i have no clue what they're about, but have heard great things about. I think the cover is very, very pretty. :)

I've been eyeing this book on Amazon for a while, but I haven't bought it. Now I don't have to worry about buying it!

This book was actually on my Christmas list, so when she gave this to me, I shrieked. I was so happy. :)

This book was also on My Christmas list. I must admit, I am especially excited to read this one because it revolves around a dystopian society, and I love dystopian societies!

I am a very big fan of Sara Shepard, so naturally, this book had me the most excited. I read it super fast, and it completely lived up to my expectations! This book comes out December 7th. Check out my review here.

I am about to start this book. I saw Zoe's review on it, and she really liked it, so I'm pretty excited to see what I think about it. One thing that's very unique about this book is that it's told in second person.

Books Lent To Me:
(again, thanks Zoe!)

I  really like Sarah Ockler, so when I got this book I was super duper excited. I finished this book in, like, a day and a half, and I loved it! Check out my review here.

This book seems like it will be really good. I've heard some good things about this book, so I can't wait to read it.

This book doesn't come out until April, and I'm very excited to be able to read it four months before it comes out!

Books Won:

Yes, I just won my first contest!!!! I won Delerium by Lauren Oliver, from Goodreads!
This book doesn't come out until February 15th. This book was actually on last weeks "Waiting On" Wednesday list, so I am so excited to read this book! :D

And now, a picture of the beautiful cover:


Yay for books! See you next Tuesday for another In My Mailbox. :)


  1. Wow, you had a great book-buying week! I love the Shadow Children series too, along with the Life As We Know It, Crank, and Luxe series. Hope you enjoy them!

  2. Thanks! And I'm sure I will. :)


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