Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Need YOUR Help!

Okay, I have a huuuuuge TBR stack. And lately, I've been having trouble deciding which book to read next.

So, it would be AWESOME if you would check out my To-Be-Read Stack on the right sidebar of my page, and comment below telling me what you want me to read next.

Also, I'm going to Colorado for the holidays, and I don't know which books to bring with me!

Thanks for your help guys.

See you soon with a review of Pretty Little Devils. :)


  1. You should definitely read Delirium ;)I haven't read it but I've only heard positive things about it !! Happy reading !!

  2. I actuallt finished that the other day! I really liked it, and my review's going to go up in late January, when it's closer to the release date. :)

  3. ooh, read Turnabout. I really liked that one!

  4. I'd go with Betwixt. I really loved that book. But you've got a ton of great selections to pick from. :)

  5. Turnabout I read in sixth grade and really liked, so I think i'll read that next.
    And since Betwixt is a bigger book, I think I'll bring that to Colorado with me.

    Thanks guys! You're making this whole book-picking thing really easy for me, which I appreciate. :D

  6. Willow is amazing as is anything by Sarah Dessen.

  7. Okay, thanks! I'll have to bump those books up in my TBR Stack. :)


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