Saturday, December 4, 2010

You by Charles Benoit

This wasn't the way it was supposed to go.

You're just a typical fifteen-year-old sophomore, an average guy named Kyle Chase. This can't be happening to you. But then, how do you explain all the blood? How do you explain how you got here in the first place?

There had to have been signs, had to have been some clues it was coming. Did you miss them, or ignore them? Maybe if you can figure out where it all went wrong, you can still make it right. Or is it already too late? Think fast, Kyle. Time's running out. How did this happen?

You is the riveting story of fifteen-year-old Kyle and the small choices he does and doesn't make that lead to his own destruction.

Stars: 3/5
Cover: B

You follows Kyle, a guy with everything in his life falling apart, and the events leading up to when he basically snaps. 

This book was really unique. First of all, this book is told in second person, which is pretty rare with books, I think. Also, I liked the fact that the end and the beginning had the same words, and it was almost like you could have ended the book, gone back and restarted it, and it would've been like a circle (sort of like The Outsiders). Yes, I do realize that last sentence made absolutely no sense. Please forgive my tired brain.

This book made me feel a couple of things: anger and sadness.

I thought that Kyle's home situation with his dad was depressing. I also felt bad for him that everyone basically assumed he was just a no-good loser who wasn't worth anything just because he was a "hoodie." I mostly felt anger at the end of the book, when Kyle gets screwed over by (I'm not going to say his name so that I don't give away the story). Anyways, the person just made me so mad! I could really understand where Kyle was getting all of his anger from.

This book was an extremely fast read, being just over two hundred pages, and the font big and the words pretty spaced apart, but it still took me three days to finish. For whatever reason, I didn't really get into the book until the very end.

I didn't think this book was fantastic, but I didn't think it was horrible, either. It was just kind of . . . there. I don't know. I don't feel like I wasted my time in reading it, though, which is good.

Another comment: I thought the ending was kind of weird. Not bad, but it just left me a little bit curious. Just sayin'.

I would recommend this book to people, just so that they can make their own opinions about it. 

FTC: I got this book from Zoe.

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