Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

Pages: 666
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
Age Group: Young Adult (Mature Readers)
Challenges: 350 Page Challenge
Release Date: January 23, 2007

Aspen Springs Psychiatric Hospital is a place for people who have played the ultimate endgame. The suicide attempt survivors portrayed in this novel tell starkly different stories, but these three embattled teens share a desperate need for a second chance. Ellen Hopkins, the author of Glassand Crank, presents another jarring, ultimately uplifting story about young people crawling back from a precipice.

Stars: 3.5/5
Cover: B+

I've always been a big fan of Ellen Hopkins, and loved all of her books. I'm afraid, though, that for me, Impulse wasn't on the same level as the rest of her books. That's not to say that I didn't thoroughly enjoy it, because believe me, I did, but there were just some things that prevented me from liking it to its full potential.

I felt that for the entire book, I was waiting on something big to happen, and until the last two pages, nothing really did.

I think if Ellen Hopkins had made the book a little more exiting, and added in some more plot twists, I would have liked it more.

The characters were the saving grace for this book. They all had depth and were really likable. Not to mention, there was a great deal of character development throughout the book.

Ellen Hopkins is really good about making all of her characters different and unique from each other. I love that, because it doesn't feel like I'm reading about the same characters multiple times over.

As per usual, Ellen Hopkins delivers a book that has an impact on her readers and really gets them thinking. She knows how to practically disturb the reader into having to put down the book, and take a break from the horrible situations her characters are in. 

I love the fact that she writes in verse (and is a master at it), because I feel like with less words on the page and to tell the story, each word has more of an impact than if her books were written in "normal" novel-form.

The ending had my mouth open in shock, and me wanting to scream at the book, "WHAT? NO! YOU CAN'T END THERE!!!!"

'Nuff said. :)

Even though there's just words on the cover, like the rest of Hopkins' books, I really like the simplicity and edgy-ness of it.

Lovely Line:
My turn to think, to try
and unravel my own riddle.
Every inch of me feels weighted,
like I'm treading gravel.

"My mother is the hardest 
woman ever --- cool, perfect.
She'd be a diamond, except
you'll never melt one of those.

Sometimes, rarely, influenced
by full moon or emptiness, 
she'll rain a single kiss,
monsoon on desert, melting

(Page 136)

The Final Verdict:
I recommend people read all of Ellen Hopkins' books. Even though Impulse wasn't quite as fantastic as the other books, it should still be on your TBR lists. So, go add it. Now. :)

FTC: Borrowed.

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